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NGNL - Izuna by SamuiCosplay
NGNL - Izuna

After some time I finally decided to upload a picture about the first cosplay that I did this year. xD
I wore Izuna's costume during the convention "Festival del Fumetto" , with some of my friends dressed as Sora, Shiro and Jibril. It was really fun to cosplay with them and I hope to be able to do a cosplay group with Elisa, Valerim and Valentina also in the future. 
I spent the whole day with my friends and boyfriend, going around in the convention, buying figures (my bf and I like quite a lot figures and nendos... xD) and taking some pictures. :)

Thanks to Vittorio for this pic!

Commission - Janna's Staff by SamuiCosplay
Commission - Janna's Staff
So I am working on a lot of things right now and finally I have finished Janna's staff! 
My friend Kaili will wear her Janna cosplay this weekend, so I am looking forward to see her!

Hope you like it!
Izuna's costume - NGNL by SamuiCosplay
Izuna's costume - NGNL
Hello everyone!
Finally Izuna's costume is done. I am only thinking about changing a little bit the shape of the tail, since I really don't like it as it is right now. x° 

Hope you like it!
Hello everyone!^^
I've decided to write this note because a lot of people asked me some costume commissions, especially for cosplay costumes.

Well, first of all: yes, I accept costumes commission.
But please, if you want to commission me something, take this in consideration: ask me a costume with at least 4/5 months in advance. This is because I usually don't have just one costume to do in time for an event.

  1. I can draw basic paper patterns (skirts, pants, dresses, jackets);
  2. I can draw paper patterns for the costume that you want to make;
  3. I can make some parts of your cosplay, like pleated skirts, shirts and etcetera;
  4. I can make all the costume that you want to wear;
  5. I also can make costume that you've drawn for yourself or for others (original costumes);
  6. I also can make normal clothes, if you want;


  1. Contact me with a private message; 
  2. You must tell me exactly when you need the costume to be made;
  3. Since I usually have a lot of work to do, I always give precedence to costumes that are confirmed by the customer. For this reason, if you can't confirm your commission, I will not be sure to be able to work on your costume in the future.
  4. If I have to buy the materials for your cosplay, you have to pay me in advance (you have to pay just the cost of the materials, not the work) so that I can buy the fabrics or what I need to start making your costume;
  5. I prefer to work with people that can wear their costume while I'm making it, but I can also create a costume if you are far away from me. In this case please notice that it can be possibile that something in your costume can be not completely perfect. Wearing a dress during its making is very, very important;
  6. You have to pay me when I send to you your costume or when I give it to you by hand;
  7. Shipping cost are all on your charge;

  1. Well, it depends from the size of the object or the armor that you want. As always, contact me with a private message on my for clarifications;
  2. I can make resin gems in different sizes and colors;

So, that's all!
Thanks for reading!




I’m 22 years old and I live in Italy.
I discovered the Japan world when I was just 8 (or 9, I don’t remember exactly) years old.
During high school I decided to start doing cosplay, but the studies stole me most of the time. However, I have managed to do some cosplays during those five years and now, while I’m free, I am making a lot of cosplay costumes. And I also work on commissions.
Anyway my passion doesn’t end with cosplays, but I also love drawing and writing.^^

This page serves as a way to show all of my works and to help who is starting like me.
Lastly, if you happen to have any questions, feel free to contact me.

FB Cosplay and WIP Page

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