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WIP: Etwahl by SamuiCosplay WIP: Etwahl by SamuiCosplay
Hello everyone!
This is the first time that I am making something like this. I have never build a huge weapon or an instrument before. For this reason creating Etwahl was (and is) really a big challenge for me.

I started with insulation foam and expanding foam, then I covered everything with worbla. Only for the main body of the instrument I have used one XL sheet. Also, since the expanding foam isn't regular and smooth, the worbla has taken its shape. For this reason I am covering some parts with plaster. It is going to be a long work, but I am sure that spending whole days in filling up little holes and sanding will make the difference on this instrument (because the non-filled parts are quite horrible I think...)!
The big holes in the first pictures are little slots for my magnets. This is how I will be able to use Etwahl both for the classic version of Sona and her Silent Night skin.
In the last picture you can see my "patterns" for the slots of the instrument with the wire inside. I really hope to be able to finish Etwahl as soon as possible and start again the work on the dress!

If you'd like to see the other photos about the "making of" of this costume click here: Silent Night Sona/Etwahl-Making of</a>

My FB Cosplay Page: Samui Cosplay
Draxaca Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Kinda a waste to use so much worbla for a big straight prop :( It's hella expensive! Curious to see the result though, goodluck with it!
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